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Salon Policies 

1. Booking deposit - ALL new customers must pay a $65 Deposit to secure your appointment, this shows us you are seriously committed to your appointment.

2. Cancelations - We require 24hours notice for any cancelations, if this is not given you will loose your deposit if a new customer or for existing customers a NOSHOW fee will be added to your accounts and will need to be paid prior to your next visit.

3. Regular Schedules - All our customers must book on an 8weekly or less schedule, this ensures that your dog will maintain his or her best health, both mentally and physically. There will be less matting in the coat, less stress for your dog meaning less stress for our stylists

4. Matting or Knots - At Mr Barkley we specialise in longer style cuts but we can only work on the canvas that is given to us, so your home work is important to ensure the dog comes to us knot free. If your dog is presented to us with knots or matting we will give you Two options - 1. We can de-mat if the dog lets us at an additional price of $60 per hour. Option 2. We shave the knots out, if your dog presents to us in a severe matted condition where we have to shave on a surgical length this will incur a heavy charge and you will be required to fill out a form understanding the risks involved due to the condition presented & neglect to your dog.

5. Heavy Coats or Double coats, Due to the Extra time and work involved with with grooming a "Heavy Coated" or Double coated dog we DO NOT offer "just a wash & Dry" these breeds require a full blowdry and brush out to ensure skin & Coat health and letting a damp or messy dog leave our salon risks skin infections and or Hot Spots forming with the high humidity in our area. 

6. Fleas - We are very lucky that we very rarely see fleas on any of our customers- however if we do there will be an immediate charge of $30 each dog to cover the treatment, prevent further spread and cover cost for us to treat the salon accordingly  

7. Aggressive or Biting Dogs - We WILL NOT tolerate Aggressive or dogs who Bite!  This is an un acceptable behaviour and we will not put our staff at risk of injury, if your dog requires a Muzzle we have the rights to charge our Aggressive fee to cover having to stop what we are doing and allow a manager to groom your dog. 

Dogs behaviour - If for any reason your dog put its self or our staff at risk of injury we have the rights to refuse your service. 

Crates - We are a crated salon, this means while your dog is waiting to be collected he or she will be placed into a crate in our specific rest room, this room is completely Airconditioned, cleaned regularly and each bed has a comfy blanket to lay on. We do this for your pets safety as dogs loose can cause hazards to our staff with sharp blades and scissors that can fall off the tables, distraction to those dogs being groomed with sharp tools, tripping hazards as well as dog fights and hygiene reasons. If you do not wish your Dog to be created we recommend booking with a mobile groomer as we are not the salon for you!

10 Entire Dogs ( NON desexed)  We do except dogs who are not desexed, HOWEVER, we do not except while your female is in season must wait 15 days min after bleeding starts, and any Entire male must wear a Belly Band ( Nappy) to prevent marking our salon for hygiene reasons